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Our store is closed until February 1st
On that date we will launch our brand new online store featuring simpler navigation, sleeker contempory look, and many new St. Louis favorites!  Thank you for your patience!

"Love you and so happy to have found you! We had a pretty awful experience with another company in St. Louis......well, really, really awful. So just sayin' we are happy dancing all over the place!" Margo D. of Northern Minnesota
"Thanks a MILLION! Last night watched the Blues outplay (ugh! not outscore) the Sharks, Cardinals are opening today and the St. Louis food package arrived. Feel like I'm back in the Lou. The Imo's pizza sauce, Roma shells, Provel cheese and Imo's salad dressing all arrived cold and packed in ice. Am having a StL day. Go Cards!Any St. Louis diaspora should order." Bill P. of Ashburn, Virgina

Our online store is currently closed for maintenance.
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